Pulse Taekwondo Center: your path to a better life


Welcome to Pulse Taekwondo Center. Pulse Taekwondo was established by 5 time U.S. National Team Member, Collegiate National Team Member and Junior National Team Member, Master Eleni Koutsilianos. She is recognized as one of the most elite female competitors in the U.S. She has over 21 years of Martial Arts experience and is a certified 4th Dan Black Belt by the World Taekwondo Federation.


I believe that Taekwondo is about self-improvement in every way possible, to improve the life we live and our surroundings. I am here to encourage, empower, and help students become the best version of themselves. My goal is to teach more than any skill or technique, but to teach & instill positive values through the art of Taekwondo. To put students’ goals, dreams and aspirations into motion. I am ready to help you in any way during your training.

Dedicated to enhancing our students

Learning a martial art can be the memorizing of moves, but at Pulse Taekwondo Center we focus on teaching our students much more. Martial arts is, in some respects, a way of life. Martial arts is a way of life because it practices mindfulness. When you practice a strike, a throw, or an exercise, the goal is to understand your body and be one with the movement. Eventually the goal is to, in time, be completely present in the moment and learn how to bring out that amount of centeredness when you need it. All the stresses in your life become much more manageable when you know how to find your center and understand that you have the mental tools you need to overcome the problem.