Instructor/Partner Alfred A. Pettignano

My martial arts career has been long and varied beginning way back in 1976, I was 16 years old at the time and Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris were fighting there way across the silver screen. My very dear friend a returned Vietnam vet who is a Purple Heart and Bronze Star recipient introduced me to Okinawan Shorin-Ryu, from that point on I was hooked and martial arts became a way of life.

As with many things in life my path was not a direct line, mine had twists and turns which allowed me to study Karate, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Aikido and a little Jeet Kune do. I also had the great fortune of studying directly under two Grand Maters; Grand Master Chung special self defense instructor of the South Korean military and Grand Master Kwon Jae hwa, an icon in German martial arts. Master Kwon awarded me my first black belt in International Taekwondo in 1985.

As with most Grand Masters they move around a lot and invariably they move on, unfortunately when that happens you have to move on as well. I spent many years expanding my martial arts knowledge training under a number of masters in many disciplines. This varied experience has really broadened my Martial Arts knowledge and developed my teaching skills especially in the area of self defense.

Ultimately four years ago I found Master Eleni of Pulse Taekwondo in Astoria, NY. I was 56 years old at the time and of course my better days were behind me, less hair more weight getting old fast. I needed to get back training but was finding excuses not to. One day I’m driving in my neighborhood and see this little TKD school with this blow up TKD balloon guy outside. I pull over look in the window and see this women in uniform at the desk. I walk in and ask to speak with the instructor and she introduces herself as Master Eleni. The rest is history, under Master Eleni I dropped the weight renewed my desire to train and ultimately received my 2 Dan in WTF (World Taekwondo) and once we reopen the school after the COVID situation I will be testing for my 3 rd Dan at 60 years old. Master Eleni also asked me to become her business partner In January and I accepted that offer.

I truly feel that our partnership brings our students a unique training experience my 45 years of training in multiple disciplines and Master Eleni’s championship career of in ring fighting and years of teaching experience. Together we provide our students with 70 years of martial arts training and teaching experience!

I look forward to training with you at Pulse TaeKwondo.

1 month Special Offer of 2 Classes per week at $129.99 + Free Uniform ( Valued at $190)
3 months of kickboxing + Free Pair of Boxing gloves at $229.00 (Valued at $340)

Start date: 2022-11-23
End date: 2022-11-29